TIPS: If you are TALL and BULKY

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TIPS: If you are TALL and BULKY

Useful Tips!

ü  Clothing must fit well

ü  Shoulder is likely to be your narrowest part, so it should be closely fitted.

ü  Black, navy, brown are good colors to hide heaviness, but the color is wrong if it calls attention to your heaviness by being out of the season. 

ü  De-emphasize the top-heavy figure by wearing simple, uncluttered styling for blouses, tops and jackets.

ü  Hip or mid-thigh length jackets, duster coats, long cardigans are good. 

ü  Simple, soft draping, batwing or dolman sleeve effects, dark colors and tones are advisable.

ü  Patterns should be small and muted


ü  Don't wear skintight. 

ü  Loose clothing makes one imagine all sort of unseen horrors beneath it. 

ü  Avoid any soft at the collar and at the neck. 

ü  Avoid front-pleated trousers, or pleated or dirndl skirts.

ü  Avoid pockets, neck/collar details, ruffles, pleats, gathers, tucks. 

ü  Avoid breast pockets.

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